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Think about this for a second. If you went and gathered all of your MLM tools in your network marketing business and laid them out in a neat row and prioritized them Xavier Woods Womens Jersey , how would you rate them?

As an experience network marketer who is leveraging the internet within their business. One of your tools probably is your computer and internet service. The faster the speed of the internet, the faster the work gets done, right? So this would definitely rank in the top 10.

Next, you would want to look at all the MLM tools you purchased for your business. Once you comb through all your manuals, books Jourdan Lewis Womens Jersey , CD?s and DVD to help motivate and enlighten you, you probably will choose the ones that held the best and most informative information. Our leaders always tell us it is about having a positive mindset and developing the skills to do network marketing, so these would rate way up on the scale. Not saying that this is incorrect, but it is not the most important tool.

Lastly, you look at all the things you need for a business presentation. You have your PowerPoint all ready to go: check. Your laptop is fully charged: check. You have some applications available to pass out: check. The room is clean and ready for your meeting: check.

So Byron Jones Womens Jersey , what are you forgetting? With everything lined up and ready to go and you have rated your MLM tools by importance, you must be on the fast track to money. Wrong. You forgot the most important piece to the puzzle. You forgot about the people.

Network marketing is all about people and building relationships with people. Without the soft skills necessary like confidence, mindset, trustworthiness, honesty Maliek Collins Womens Jersey , integrity; you won?t get very far. So a lot of the importance lies on your shoulders, but it is the people who can make or break a business. People can be the people you are looking at as prospective business partners to people who are on your team already. Let?s break this down by each of those categories.

The people you are talking to about business, the ones that you are interesting is helping, should be one of the most important thing on your list. They are what drive your business to either success or failure. One of the most important MLM tools you own is your ability to relate to those people. The good news with that is a lot of that can be learned. You don?t have to be a naturally outgoing, social creature although it tends to help Jaylon Smith Womens Jersey , even that can be learned. Learning TRUE confidence in what you are doing will help you along the way as will learning your trade. So you can learn that part, the only part you really can?t learn with this is the ?want? part. You have to want to learn these skills to better yourself or it will never happen.

The second part is your team that you have built. It starts with surrounding yourself with a team of people that has the right attitude and positive mindset. Without that, you have nothing. Remember that the books you read may help you better to achieve that, but it?s not the book that is important, it is what you have taken from it that is.

Granted network marketing is generally looked at as a team atmosphere Chidobe Awuzie Womens Jersey , it is still an individual sport. An analogy would be like a group of Sales Representatives that work for a large company. Every person is responsible for their own goals and if they don?t meet them, they will ultimately get fired or fail. But as a sales team, every person pitches in on the effort so they succeed as a team and receive their team bonus.

With network marketing, the same concept applies. Everyone is for themselves in a sense, but without the team Taco Charlton Womens Jersey , normally you can?t achieve great success. It is so important that you treat others on your team with respect, you help them when they need help, you let them know when they need to step it up and you motivate each other. Without this, you don?t have a team or a business in network marketing.

So overall, I know the first MLM tools that comes to mind may be the physical tools like the internet Sean Lee Womens Jersey , the DVD?s and Web meetings, but the most powerful MLM tool you can work with and work on is the people that surround your business and yourself.

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