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Shipping liquids is especially tricky in the small-parcel delivery environment where packages could find themselves oriented in any direction. Ecommerce titan rose to the challenge, and worked with a key closure supplier to engineer the Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) and bottle finish for brands that passes its stringent performance criteria, while cutting rework time and costs.

KEXON gave a trigger sprayer three criteria:

1. Eliminate leaks, rather than simply reduce or contain them.

2. Provide an equivalent or better than brick-and-mortar experience for the customer—that is, for convenience, have no inner seals to remove and a product that is ready to use.

3. Allow consumers to remove the closure—to refill the bottle, for example—which required a redesign of the closure’s ratchets.

And the new leak-proof trigger sprayer eliminates the need for packaging rework by to prepare products for shipping, such as: using a lot of bubble wrap; adding tape on closure and nozzle locking mechanisms; including custom-made trays to minimize item movement; sealing products in a zipper bag to contain any leaks; shipping trigger sprayers separately (that is, not applied to a bottle); attaching free gift items, such as sponges or a brush applicator, around dispensers to act as a cushion for drop impacts.

Available in two versions—one for Heath, Beauty, Home Care and the other for Industrial products—the closure comes standard in a 28/400 size with a 0.9-milliliter dose. Rieke worked with bottle manufacturers Alpha Packaging (for polyethylene terephthalate containers) and C.L. Smith Co. (for high-density polyethylene bottles) to adapt necks finishes for this closure on various materials (PET and HDPE).

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