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Foam Pump(KEXON), the better bazaar lies in the acreage of Pump packaging. We begin that, in accession to the Pump packaging market, alone bloom affliction articles packaging uses some acrylic packaging. Product: airless dispenser Pump, airless pump for top chic cosmetics. 30ml-50ml-80ml-100ml-120ml-150ml. Bottle physique is in white.Bottle actual is PP plastic.It is a disposible airless Pump. It cannot be refilled.Color is changeable

It can be said that in abounding markets, we about can not see the China Chrism Pump. Because the actual is plastic, calmly crushing, while the lower amount and has the actualization and aftereffect of Chrism Pump, which are broadly accustomed by the Pump packaging market. However, in accession to the Pump market, Chrism Pump in the food, beverage, biologic and added areas do not accept abundant bazaar space, which is Chrism Pump packaging needs added allowance for development.

Ningbo KeXon Artificial Co., Ltd. is a absolute artificial packaging action amalgam design, production, and sales. We own a branch (Yuyao KeXon Sprayer Factory), and its bulb breadth is over 6,000 aboveboard meters, with added than 20 years of assembly acquaintance in assorted types of circadian packaging. The aggregation can professionally aftermath all kinds of chrism pumps, artificial caps, circadian and alleviative artificial bottles, as able-bodied as all kinds of activate sprayers, balm pumps, aroma sprayers, chrism jar and added products.

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